Our books translated from English to German so far:

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"Eine Wintertändelei" from Amazon


Eine Wintertändelei“, original title: “A Winter Chase

Autor: Mary Kingswood

Translator: Anja Weiligmann

Book 1 of a 6 book series. A family grown rich in the wool trade. The landed gentry they’ve displaced. And the gentle daughter whose beauty will open the door to an even greater prize–the nobility.




"Ein Frühlingstanz" from Amazon

Ein Frühlingstanz“, original title: “A Spring Dance

Autor: Mary Kingswood

Translator: Alice v. Canstein

Book 2 of the series






"Ein Sommerspiel" from Amazon

Ein Sommerspiel“, original title: “A Summer Game

Autor: Mary Kingswood

Translator:  Ingrid Exo

Book 3 of the series


Book 4 will be out in German soon!